About I'm Here App

I’m Here is incredibly easy to use app that features innovative design and functionality for iPhone and Android geofence capabilities. Its intuitive design and an array of customizable features provide users with the best user experience.

This app allows users to send pre-generated messages based on their geofence location area, thus informing other users when they enter or leave a geographical area. The user defines the geographical area by drawing it on the map. The app supports SMS messaging, WhatsApp, email, and push notifications.

Besides a high level of geofence precision and low battery consumption, the app offers an incredibly easy three-step setup.

Easy To Use - Three-step Setup

pen image

Draw a zone

message cloud

Write your text message

person avatar

Select recipients

i-am-here-app-park-zone i-am-here-app-list i-am-here-app-office-text i-am-here-app-multiple-contacts i-am-here-app-advanced
Save Lives
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Save Time
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Save Yourself
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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world location area. The radius in focus is established by triggering an action (e.g., sending a text message and/or an email) allowing the notifications to be generated on a geo-enabled iPhone, Android or any other portable electronic device.

Geofencing has a wide area of application, including casual and business use. Users can send text messages based on their location area to a friend's cell phone (Android or iPhone) when they enter, for example, the virtual boundary surrounding their friend's house. It's also possible to establish a geofence location area around a specific neighborhood and send text notifications to Android or iPhone users who expect package delivery from your company. Restaurants can send text messages with daily specials when a customer enters a geofence location area.

Other uses of geofencing capabilities include Fleet management, human resources, location management, child localization, law enforcement, etc.

I'm Here App - Spotlight Video

I'm Here - Android & iPhone Screenshots

  • Map View

    Check your location area

    I'm here map location
  • Setup Zones

    Draw and manage your zones

    I'm here map zone
  • Zone List

    Manage active and inactive zones

    I'm here list location
  • Send Text Message

    Write a personalized text message, browse contacts and choose recipients

    I'm here recipient
  • Advanced Options

    Choose between various customizable features

    I'm here advanced

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